Wednesday, February 3, 2010

5 Easy Tips For Twitter Newbies

Twitter is the hottest new tool in any internet marketers tool belt, but without the business plan, it's as good as worthless for creating traffic and online revenue. You see, Twitterers are a fussy bunch, and when you break Twitter etiquette, you'll certainly hear about it quickly. With so many rules to follow, so many followers to keep happy, and such a large dynamic community to move about in, you need to make sure that your Twitter usage is about making real value and building real connections, not building thin value and a weak marketing resource. These 5 rules will help you get on the right track and start building a Twitter marketing resource that's second to none.

#1 - Don't mass follow just for more followers.
Sure, a big follower count is a good thing, but it's worth nothing if it's balanced by a massive 'following' count. The best way to gauge someone's influence isn't to look at the sheer numbers, but to look at the relationship between the two. Sometimes, the most influential Twitterers won't have many people that they're following, but will have big follower counts. In turn, many people with big follower counts might not be as influential as they first appear.

#2 - Don't use your Twitter account as a link dump.
When you simply post link after link, your followers will get tired of hearing from you and end up looking elsewhere for people to follow. It's all about balancing promotion and value, and never mixing the two up. When you post a link (which shouldn't be too often) make sure it's valuable, unique, and worthwhile for your followers to click on.

#3 - Affiliate links are a big no-no, unless they're helpful.

There's a simple term for using your Twitter account for posting affiliate links without any reason: SPAM. While it's ok to post affiliate links, you need to make sure that they're used in the right context and at the right times. Don't just go posting links 24/7 -- think them through and only ever post them when you know that they'll create value for your followers. A good way to test whether they're worth it or not is to post just one affiliate link, and see if it effects your follower count. In nobody minds, slowly introduce them into your account.

#4 - Keep in contact with the influentials.
Want to become an influential Twitter user? Keep in touch with people that are bigger than you. It's the same philosophy that's guided mentorships for years -- you can always learn more from people that are above you. If you want to boost your value to followers, try to arrange interviews and communications with people that wield big influence online. A simple article with one big name can bring in more value for your followers, and more influence for you.

#5 - Break the rules.
That's right -- break the rules. When you think you need to, break them and see what happens. Great Twitter strategies are born out of broken rules, so make sure that you use them to your advantage. Be adventurous, and don't be afraid to take the occasional risk on Twitter.


Gerald Lacey
Lacey LLC and OmariWholesale, Inc.